Be A Hero

Oct 18, 2018 | Events

Be A Hero 2018 Starts Now!

We are launching our biggest fundraiser of the year. This is the time that we raise most of the money for all the wonderful programs that the PTA is able to support. From supporting our library and teachers to bringing Arts and Music into the classroom, the Fairmount PTA is here to support and nurture all of our children.

Help us make it happen!!!


1. What is Be A Hero? Be A Hero is our Annual Fund campaign. It is our biggest, most straightforward fundraiser. No selling chocolate or cookie dough, just write a check!

2. How can I help? Spread the word. Grandparents, Friends or Co-Workers can all donate. We’ll be posting on our Facebook Page, share that and encourage people to give.

3. How do I donate? You can donate online here or drop a check off at the office.

4. Where does the money go? Arts, Science, Garden, Field Trips, Books, Special Projects, Teacher Support, Baile Familiar, Dia de Los Ninos, Fiestaval and more!

5. What about corporate matching? Yes! Please check with your employer, if they will match your donation. We have a list of companies that match here, but it’s not always up-to-date.