Stay Connected with our school and the PTA

The sections below describe various ways for families to stay connected with our school and to know what’s going on. Please take a minute and sign up for all the digital communications and stay informed.


The Fairmount Falcon is our monthly newsletter in English & Spanish, which is emailed around the 1st of every month. We promote events, show PTA dollars in action, and provide other important information.

We also print paper copies, which are available at the Monthly “Rinconcito” event and in the school office.

Google Calendar

Our Google Calendar is another great way to stay informed about upcoming events. We post all school-wide events to the calendar, including PTA meetings, Rinconcito’s, fundraisers, etc.

Be sure to add the calendar to your Google account, so you never miss an event.

Yahoo Group

Our Yahoo Group is a moderated, private list for last minute reminders and parent-to-parent communication. Typically you can expect 3-4 emails per week.

Request access to the group and say that you are a Dolores Huerta parent. The group admin typically grants access in a day or two.

Facebook Group and Page

If you’re on Facebook, our Facebook Page is where we post information about school events, fundraise, and promote the school. Be sure to like this page.

We also have a Facebook Group where our community posts pictures, ideas, news, and anything else they’d like to share. Ask to join this group and say that you’re a Dolores Huerta parent.

Communications Portal

The Fairmount communications portal includes a school directory, a place to manage volunteer signups, and an online store where you can join the PTA. It’s a great tool for staying connected with the community.

Join the portal now and make sure your family’s contact information is up-to-date. You also manage your own privacy settings and decide what information to share with the community.

Old School Communications

Occasionally, you will also receive information from your teacher “stuffed” into your child’s backpack. This includes things like field trip permission slips, sign-up forms, etc.

We also strive for each classroom to have at least one Room Rep (formerly Room Parent), who coordinates classroom events and volunteer opportunities, disseminates information, and serves as the liaison between teacher and parents.

There are also a few bulletin boards outside the main office, where information is posted about the PTA, SSC, ELAC, extended care, and community events.

We also strategically place “sandwich boards” around the school for special announcements.

Contact with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions for the Dolores Huerta Communications Team.