Shop for Dolores Huerta Elementary

Did you know your everyday spending can help raise funds for Dolores Huerta Elementary? Yes, it’s true. There are several “shop to earn” programs where the school gets a cut of everything you spend.

Take 5 minutes and enroll in Dolores Huerta’s shopping programs like Amazon Smile, Benefit, and eScrip. And then take 5 more minutes and encourage everyone you know — relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers — to do the same. They don’t need to live in San Francisco to join.

If you have any questions, have a fundraising idea, or would like to join the fundraising team, send an email to

NOTE: In August 2018 the school changed its name from Fairmount to Dolores Huerta Elementary.  Many of the shopping programs below are still active under the old school name, but the benefits still go to the school. 


Dolores Huerta Elementary

Buy Dolores Huerta uniform gear directly from the PTA at the Dolores Huerta Store.


With Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase to Fairmount.

Signup at, choose Fairmount Elementary PTA as your charity of choice, and use the link every time you shop at Amazon.


Download the Benefit app to your smartphone, connect a bank account or credit card, select Dolores Huerta Elementary School PTA as your beneficiary, and you’re ready to go.

You can buy gift cards to tons of retailers — both local and online — and scan them instantly on your phone. You can even buy gift cards while standing in line! Dolores Huerta Elementary will make up to 20% from each purchase.

Good Eggs

Grocery shop with Good Eggs during October and November, and 5% of orders using the promo code “DOLORESHUERTA” will go to the school. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit 
  2. Enter the code DOLORESHUERTA and click Shop Now.
  3. Add your groceries to your basket and place your order. You will see confirmation text on the checkout page that says “You’re supporting Dolores Huerta Elementary School!”


Register your credit / debit cards with local merchants (like Bristol Farms, Cal Mart, Lucky) and local restaurants (like Baby Blues BBQ, Francisca’s, Old Jerusalem), and Fairmount will earn with every purchase. 
See participating merchants here: eScrip Where to Earn. 

Signup at and select Fairmount Elementary School PTA as your organization. 


Scrip can be used to pay for groceries at local stores. Email the Scrip Coordinators at to find out more and to order your scrip today!

● Canyon Market  $100 gift cards (10% goes to Fairmount)
● Rainbow Grocery  $30 gift cards (10% goes to Fairmount. Reload at checkout for another 10%)
● Good Life Grocery  $20 gift certificates (7.5% goes to Fairmount)

Sports Basement

Sign up as a Basementeer and select Fairmount Elementary as your beneficiary. For every purchase, you will receive 10% off, and Fairmount will receive 10%.  Learn more.


Shop for simple solid color clothes without logos that are perfect as Fairmount uniforms.  Use the following URL and code to earn cash for Fairmount:


French Toast

Buy high-quality, affordable school uniforms from French Toast, and 5% of your purchase goes to the Fairmount PTA!  Just use the Fairmount Elementary Code: QS46WTU

Lands End

Buying high-quality, affordable school uniforms from Lands End. Use the Dolores Huerta Elementary code: 900184615

Office Depot / Office Max

Buy qualifying school supplies, provide Fairmount’s ID 70014171, and Fairmount receives 5%. Learn more

Box Tops for Education

For every pink Box Top you clip, Dolores Huerta Elementary earns 10¢.  Buy your favorite Box Top products, like cereal, paper products, office supplies, cut out the pink Box Tops, and drop them off in the collection box on the shelf above the PTA mailbox in the school office.

Learn more here. There’s even a bonus app that helps earn even more cash for Dolores Huerta Elementary.